How to Clean and Protect Your Tablet or E-Reader: Tips for Maintaining Your Device’s Performance and Longevity

Tablet or E-Reader

Instead of wasting time watching videos on the Tablet or E-Reader, you can make the most of your time by reading books on the screen. Still, investing much time in screens is not good for the eyes but as compared to watching videos, reading a book would be much more beneficial. Can you use a … Read more

Unlock Radiant Skin: Essential Skincare Tips for Women Over 30

Essential Skincare Tips

Essential Skincare Tips for Women Over 30 How do you determine, or should we say, how would you know what age is appropriate to begin considering your skin seriously? Dermatologists believe that skin before the age of 30 is more young and hydrated. The skin in the late 20s and up to the age of … Read more

Photoshop’s New Content Aware Fill Is A Game-Changer For Removing Your Ex

Content Aware Fill

What is ‘Content Aware Fill’? “Content Aware Fill” is a new feature in Photoshop CC that allows you to remove objects from your images with a simple click. It works by analyzing the pixels around the object you want to remove and then filling in the gaps with surrounding pixels. This is an amazing tool … Read more

Solar Powered Headphones Could Change How We Consume Digital Media

The Solar Powered Headphones are a new product designed to allow consumers the freedom to go without constant charging. The headphones work by using solar power, but also include a battery that can store power from sunlight and keep your headphones running. How the Solar-Powered Headphones work We are all familiar with the traditional way … Read more

Apple’s New iPad Pro Models Are About To Launch A Few Days

New iPad Pro Models

Apple is unveiling its new iPad Pro models in a few days and the company has already confirmed that they will come with some of the latest advancements in technology. So what can we expect from these new iPad Pros? Read on to find out. What Are Apple’s New iPad Pro Models? Apple’s New iPad … Read more