How to Clean and Protect Your Tablet or E-Reader: Tips for Maintaining Your Device’s Performance and Longevity

Instead of wasting time watching videos on the Tablet or E-Reader, you can make the most of your time by reading books on the screen. Still, investing much time in screens is not good for the eyes but as compared to watching videos, reading a book would be much more beneficial.

Can you use a tablet as an e-reader? YES! A tablet is like a portable computer in which you can download apps. It is much more lightweight and can be held in hands for hours. Hence, reading books from an app that has a library of books downloaded on your device is the best use of your time. 

In this post today, we will reveal to you how you can clean a tablet or e-reader to read for hours. You should know how to keep your device protected for longer use and durability. 

Cleaning Your Tablet or E-Reader

Most people don’t know how to clean tablets or e-readers after purchasing one. How to keep tablets or e-readers clean without damaging them remains one of the most important concerns if you do not want to invest a hefty amount of money again and again. Pointy nails and abrasive dust particles could be some of the highlighted concerns for keeping the screen dirt-free, scratch-free and smooth. 

No matter what device you are using, either a tablet or an e-reader, you should be careful about the things you would use for their cleaning. Cleaning tablets or e-readers is as simple as ABC. A simple step-by-step guide is presented below for your ease:

  1. Switch off the device first. 
  2. Take a soft and dry cloth.
  3. Do not use harsh disinfectants for cleaning the e-reader screen. Only use water for dampening the cloth a bit. 
  4. You should also be careful about looking in the ports to see if there is something stuck in the holes. Removing any debris before cleaning is suggested. 
  5. Do not over-wet the cloth to prevent water from dripping. The liquid should not get into the inside parts while you are cleaning the tablet screen. 
  6. Finally, dry the e-reader or tablet with another dry cloth. It would help remove the wet streaks and avoid any leaving of residue behind. 

Cleaning with cleaning kits at home

Cleaning kits are an excellent alternative for cleaning your electronics, including smartphone displays, laptop screens, and smart television screens. They have all of the necessary supplies, including the cleaning solution and cloth. The alcohol content of the liquid is less than 1%. The soft wipe cloth has practically no chance of causing damage to the screen. To achieve the best results, spray the liquid on a cloth first and then wipe the screen with it, rather than spraying directly on the screen.

Protecting Your Tablet or E-Reader

If you prefer to carry your tablet or e-reader with you wherever you go, whether it’s to a bus station where you can sit and read while commuting, or to a coffee shop where you can wait for a buddy while reading your favorite author, you MUST have the proper protection.

Protection with Protective Cases 

There are plenty of cool protection cases that would help your device from breaking and scratching. This includes the device case and the screen protector. 

An e-reader from a specific brand offers specially designed protective cases as the holes and port spaces are already placed on them. The type of fabric or plastic needs to be selected by you as it depends on how you desire your device to be protected. 

Cases with magnetic attachments or ones with buttons are some of the options you can see in the market. E-reader companies offer reading devices that wake up as soon as the protection cover is opened. They are ready to use after they become active from their sleep mode. 

Moreover, you can keep the e-reader screen clean with 3D-printed protective cases that have attractive designs of cats, dogs, books, sea views, sceneries, and abstract designs. 

Protection with Screen Protectors 

Choosing the right screen protector is ONE religious advice that anyone would give for keeping your tablet screen clean and safe. The screen protector would allow you to touch the screen conveniently while making selections or highlighting certain parts of the book. Tempered glass, plastic, or matte-finished screen protectors are some of the most commonly used ones for this purpose. 

Experts say that a tempered glass screen protector is the best for the protection of an e-reader or tablet. This particular glass protector has the ability to withstand falls and provide greater safety to the device. Hence, the stress of different surfaces is born by the glass protector higher than the rest. 

Protection with Sleeves

If you do not like heavy protection cases, you might like to go for e-reader or tablet sleeves. A sleeve is made from a soft and clean microfiber cloth. Some of them are foldable and some have a zip for giving your device an anti-slip protection. 

IP Ratings for Tablet’s or E-Reader’s Protection 

Protection from dust and water is already included in the guarantee of the product. For example, a certified tablet would be completely protected against dust and water. Why do we say water? Because it would have a water resistance of 1:30 minutes without letting any damage happen to the tablet. 

You could also have a look at the product’s IP ratings. An IP rating is a standardized rate given to the device based on its ability to handle resistance against water, dust particles, and other environmental conditions. An IP66 is one of the best ratings for a tablet that shows its dust-proof and water-resistant capabilities. Similarly, IP68 would be remarkably good for an e-reader. 

Can You Use A Tablet As an E-Reader? 

A tablet is not built to work as an e-reader as browsing the books’ pdf version would be different in a tab as compared to the e-reader. Listening to music and playing games is much more convenient on the tab instead of reading books. 

E-readers have several other benefits. Font size and styles could be adjusted based on the online version of the books. They have built-in dictionaries to search for the meanings of difficult words while you are reading the file. You can highlight specific parts of the book and save them there and then. Making annotations is not as easy on a tablet rather than on an e-reader. 

However, it certainly has some pitfalls. An e-reader could not be used for reading magazines that have colored pictures. You cannot use an e-reader other than reading books only, despite the same thickness, slimness and design of the device as that of a tablet. 

Finding the answer to the question of whether you can use a tablet as an e-reader would depend on YOUR usage. 


Cleaning and protecting your tablet or e-reader is an important aspect of ensuring its longevity and performance. By following simple steps such as regularly wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals, and using a protective case, you can keep your device looking and functioning like new for years to come. Additionally, being mindful of where you store your device and handling it with care can further extend its lifespan. By implementing these measures, you can enjoy your tablet or e-reader to the fullest while protecting your investment.

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