6 Cool Gadgets for Reading: Enhance Your Reading Experience with These Top Picks

Cool gadgets for reading 

Reading is an addiction for those who love to read. They cannot imagine sleeping without having read the next page, just the NEXT page to know more about what happens in the story. If the story is much more intriguing, just like a crime thriller, the next and the next chapter might keep them awake till 3 am!

However, this becomes tiring for them and sometimes handling books or reading tablets in their hands for a long time is a hassle.

We are here with some cool gadgets for reading that would up your reading experience to the next level. Keep reading to avoid missing out on these book reading tools for comfortable reading time. 

Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand is One of the Cool gadgets for reading

How cool would that be when you read till 3 am without having to tire up your hands or arms? Holding a book for too long would be trouble and GREAT trouble for those who have to hold a tablet. A multi-angle soft tablet stand offers you a hands-free reading experience with your tablet till late at night. 

For avid readers who like reading while lying down on their tummies, this tool is just right Cool gadgets for reading in bed. Ensuring comfort when you are lying down at different angles is a great feature to look for. Standing or sitting in a chair and even lying in bed becomes comfortable that you might look forward to reading every day. 

The soft tablet stand is easy to carry as it is lightweight but sturdy. It does not lose its shape as it is travel-friendly. It can be easily stored in a side pocket with iPad and other tablet accessories. 

Another reason for it being a Cool gadgets for reading is that it is stable despite having a soft padded foam inside. The cover is easily removed for an easy wash in machine. To add to its convenience, the cover can be dried with a pillow pad dryer by setting the heat on medium for 10 minutes. Kids and adults can use it conveniently use it while traveling. 

Clip-On Book Light Is Also One Of The Cool Gadgets For Reading:

Another Cool gadgets for reading for those book lovers who like to stay up late at night to finish off a mystery thriller is the clip-on book light. If your sister is sleeping right beside you but is disturbed when you keep the lights of the room on till late, she might call your mom. To stay away from that trouble, clip-on book light gives you warm but bright light to prevent your eyes from strain. 

Clip-on book light runs with batteries and is easily attached to surfaces of thickness 0.5 inches. Bedside tables, desks, and books of this thickness can make use of this clip-on light. 

The bright light gives superb contrast at night giving you a daylight reading experience. You can even use it for other household tasks as it is portable and carried to your kitchen, for example, when you get thirsty at night. 

This book reading tool has a wide beam, which means its light gives illumination to objects at a distance of 4 meters. The battery time is up to 25 hours in one go! The battery container has a small lock so that the cells remain intact and do not slip out of the lock gets loose. 

Table Top Full Page Magnifier Lamp Another Cool Gadgets For Reading:

Enough of the talking about late-night reading. The tabletop lamp is suitable for those who like reading in the daytime. Why do we say so? Because you can study at the table easily while sitting by the window and have a great view outside, yes? 

It magnifies the book page 3 times with a 7.5×10 inches lens, giving you a full page view without difficulty. The reason for its enlisting among the best gadgets for reading is the table-standing design that has an LED light to make reading brighter. The eyes do not feel the strain as natural daylight clarity gives an optimal reading feel. 

Not only that, it could be used for several other purposes as well, such as sewing, crafting, etc. However, it is not recommended for people who have severe eyesight issues. 

Its modern design has an adjustable height of 1.5 inches. The modifiable magnifier also amplifies your reading shade with the help of a universal joint. The U-shaped base gives it stability when kept on the table so that it does not fall over your book while you are reading. It has a silver frame that has an on/off switch as well. The table lamp runs on three AA batteries so the hassles of wires do not remain a challenge. 

Reading Pillow, Bed Pillow:

Next comes a special tool for reading in bed called the reading pillow or bed pillow. It gives ultimate comfort with full body support, for people of every age who love reading, either kids, teenagers, or adults. 

It is a back pillow that is sturdy as well as extremely soft to give you cozy warmth while reading on a sofa or in bed. A plush interior with a soft cloth on the outside gives a high density to the cushion, which is comfortable to put at any angle at the back. The premium foam quality gives the right shape to your body along with perfect sitting posture and comfort at the same time. 

It has three pockets; two on the sides and one at the back, to keep your things, such as reading glasses, clip-on book light, and the book when you finally get back to reading. The pockets could also be used to keep the TV remote when you sit on the sofa while watching TV. 

The pillow is available in innumerable colors. The pillow is easily wash in a machine and would not lose its shape. Additional convers could be bought separately if you think you have someone at your home that spills coffee or tea on the cushions.

It is extremely portable and could be taken from living room to your bedroom for reading. The inner zip of the pillow allows you to open and adjust the foam clusters inside for individualized comfort. 

Page Glow Rechargeable LED Reading Light:

The page glow LED light is somewhat similar to clip-on book light and tabletop lamp, but the design is quite different. This gadget is for those book lovers who like reading paperback books as it is light in weight and the compact design is convenient for handling paperbacks. 

The bright LED lights illuminate the entire page when you are reading in the dark. It has a dimming switch that lets you make the light bright or dim according to your needs, especially if someone is sleeping on your bed with you. 

The ergonomic thumb design lets you hold the book from the middle and does not let your hand get tired. The detachable paper clip permits easy placement for reading books late into the night for longer hours. 

The product comes with a recharging USB cable and a cloth pouch to keep it protected from dust. 

Scanmarker Air and Case Bundle:

A translation buddy, while you are reading, is the best reading gift you can give to a bookworm. This is one of the best gadgets to read books that use foreign languages here and there. For example, if the novel line says “Eureka! The diamond was lying under the bed”, you might be wondering what Eureka means.

The pen scanner and handheld hard case come in a pack. They both are made with ultra-protection so that you can easily take them both wherever you like. Their size makes them super-convenient for portability. Wireless scanning with Bluetooth, even to a computer or tablet is the best attribute you can get in this extraordinary gadget for book lovers. 

The pen can scan more than 40 languages. Reading and memorizing foreign language does not remain a trouble for students or professionals while direct pronunciations and comprehension are offer with this scanning pen. Scanning could be transferre directly to MS Word or whatever mobile app you like, an excellent assisting tool. 

What’s more interesting? It reads back to you! The text-to-speech feature is remarkable with its real-time scanning. It works great for students who want to memorize the text, especially when they are reading their textbooks. Comprehension becomes easier for people who are struggling with dyslexia. 


Cool gadgets for reading have changed the way we consume books and other sorts of written information. These gadgets, ranging from e-readers to tablets, have made reading easier, more accessible, and more engaging. Adjustable illumination, screen size and quality, text-to-speech, note-taking, and internet connectivity make reading a more personalized and immersive experience.

Furthermore, these devices have made it easy to transport large libraries of books, removing the need for physical storage space. They have also enabled access to a broader choice of publications, including those that are out of print or unavailable in one’s own country.

In short, clever reading devices have made reading more enjoyable, interesting, and accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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