Top 5 Best Smartwatches for Fitness and Workouts (With Additional Features)

Top 5 Best Smartwatches for Fitness

 Ultimately, the usefulness of a smartwatch will depend on an individual’s personal needs and preferences. This post would reveal to you some of the best smartwatches for fitness these days with updated features. So, hang on tight while we take you on an adventure of health and fitness.


1. Apple Series 8 Smartwatch

Apple has created a cult for its users as they only want the brand “APPLE”. It knows its customer well and therefore, is able to create something new each time. With increasingly fast-paced modern times, preferences have been changing fast.

Apple Series 8 smartwatch is s gadget that shines the best out of the rest. The primary features of fitness, connectivity, and personalization remain the same as the rest of its smartwatches. However, Apple has come up with advanced usability.

Let’s explore more about this one of the best smartwatches for fitness to help you decide whether you should let go of some bucks for it or not.


StyleDesigned for wrists of 150-200 mm
ColorGraphite stainless steel
Screen SizeApproximately 45mm
Screen ShapeSquare
Recommended AgeAdults, people aged above 18 years
Best Smartwatches for Fitness

Features in detail:

Smartwatch features:

  • Prompt crash or fall detection
  • Immediate reporting of severe risks
  • Connection to Emergency SOS
  • Immediate assistance to prevent severe damages

Health features:

  • ECG monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • Constant heart rate updates with error-free connectivity
  • Blood oxygen level monitoring
  • Detection of irregular heart rhythms
  • Smooth sleep monitoring (REM, Core, deep sleep phases)

Fitness tracking:

  • Over a dozen apps are available
  • Training for health metric reading
  • Three-month warranty for powerful performance


  • IPX6-X dust resistance
  • Crack resistance
  • Swim-proof with WR50 water resistance


  • Seamless connection to Apple devices
  • Easy Mac unlocking with a tap
  • Convenient payment and money transfers
  • Text messaging and calling capabilities
  • Family Setup for connecting with family without iPhones
  • Cellular connection for advanced features

Customization options:

  • Dozens of available bands for personalization
  • Various watch faces in different colors for a versatile look


  • Its biometric sensors are superb for monitoring all the health-related elements
  • A temperature sensor that further helps women in tracking menstrual cycles, fertility, sleep patterns, and body tracking data
  • Users extensively liked its crash-detection feature


  • The same design as Apple’s previous smartwatch- nothing new
  • No detection or monitoring for core body temperature
  • Sleep monitoring does not seem to have much usability


2. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is considered a “value smartwatch”. Why? Although the smartwatch is not equipped with the latest modifications, it still has the most attractive features- the most wanted ones. Let us have a look.


StyleDesigned for wrists of 140-190mm
ColorMidnight Aluminium
Screen SizeApproximately 44mm
Screen ShapeSquare
Recommended AgeAdults (18 years and above), Kids

Features in detail:

Apple Watch SE features:

  • Similar to Apple Series 8 smartwatch
  • Prioritized “crash detection” feature
  • Detects irregular heart rhythms and low heartbeats
  • Fast mechanism for temperature, heartbeat, and safety attribute identification
  • Presents fitness metrics during workouts
  • Access to Apple’s app store for downloading apps on the smartwatch
  • Seamless connectivity with iPhone for quick transactions

Customization options:

  • Fun and personality-augmenting customization
  • Water resistance for versatility
  • Band color changes to match the back case
  • Engaging features for extended gadget use


  • Its affordability is the biggest pro, as parents can easily buy it for their kids due to its reasonable pricing
  • A good alternate gadget for kids in place of gifting them a smartphone
  • Strong activity tracking
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Comfortable to wear for longer hours
  • Quick swapping available for strap changing
  • Apple Pay feature already available


  • No all-time-on feature for its screen
  • Sleep tracking is not that advanced, and even not much in use
  • ECG is absent

3. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is a special watch designed for “demanding” users. The most striking feature is its unique design that catches the attention of the buyer on the spot! Do not be misled by its strong metallic look that might look heavy. It is comfortable to wear, just like any other Apple watch.



StyleDesigned for wrists of 130-200mm
ColorMidnight Ocean with Titanium Case and Strong Band
Screen SizeApproximately 1.92 inches
Screen ShapeSquare
Recommended AgeAdults (Aged 18 and above)

Features in detail:

Side Button:

  • Prominent and easy to find
  • Allows immediate watch customization out of the box

Water Resistance:

  • An essential feature in Apple Watch Ultra
  • Rugged build suitable for daily swimming and outdoor activities

Titanium Casing:

  • Provides 49mm corrosion resistance
  • Buttons are conveniently placed for physical control

Endurance and Fitness:

  • Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Quick monitoring of heart rate, temperature, pulse, and running pace while jogging


  • GPS connection for seamless location detection
  • Clear measurements of distance and route during workouts

Battery Life:

  • Special 36-hour battery life
  • Always-on retina scan for easy screen tracking
  • Customizable with either face or retina scan for added security


  • Hardware repair for parts and the labor for repairing
  • Apple Care is available with two years warranty
  • 24/7 support and access to Apple’s certified technicians


  • With a big and flat design, it appears bulky
  • The only connection is to iPhone and Apple devices
  • Somewhat pricey


4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Apart from Apple watches that we have discussed enough above, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an Android smartwatch, It has Google’s latest Wear OS Software, which is a great addition for Android lovers, The reason for its enlisting in the best smartwatches for fitness is its compatibility with Samsung One UI Interface as well as integration with Google Assistant. It helps in automatic workout routine initiation, sleep monitoring, blood-oxygen monitoring, and stress analysis, etc.


StyleBand Material: Silicon, Bluetooth Connectivity
Screen SizeApproximately 1.4 inches
DisplayExclusive Sapphire Crystal Display
Screen ShapeCircle
Recommended AgeAdults (Aged 18 and above)
Best Smart Watches

Features in detail:

Health Tracking Features:

  • Sleep monitor
  • Daily workout routine memory
  • Monitoring blood pressure at regular intervals
  • Activity tracker
  • Elevation tracker
  • Special sleep coaching for monitoring sleep patterns

Elevation Tracker and Connectivity:

  • Elevation Tracker with GPS connection
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication
  • Constant updates of body composition data
  • Updates assist in scheduling and provide readings for body fat, body and skeletal muscles, basal metabolic rate, and body mass index (BMI)

Sensor Accuracy:

  • Improved sensor accuracy in Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring with the BioActive Sensor close to the user’s skin
  • Tracking various physical activities (running, rowing, swimming) through skin connection, with the ability to time activities, e.g., up to 90 minutes


  • The always-on display with super AMOLED panel is compulsory
  • A certified gadget for monitoring blood pressure and ECG
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Battery backup is strong enough to last several hours
  • 10W Qi wireless charging
  • Enabled with a loudspeaker for call support
  • Excessive storage with RAM


  • Available in only two colors
  • No arrangements for brightness available
  • No SD card slot
  • Single eSim
  • Lacks 5G support


5. Fitbit Charge 5

The best thing about Fitbit Charge 5 is that it is one of the most reasonably priced smartwatches with the most practicable health features. The aim for adding this to the list of best smartwatches for fitness is that its smallest feature, tracking footsteps, is correctly numbered and precise. This is done after the initiation of physical activity of 10 to 15 minutes.

Fitbit Charge 5 should be one of your finest buying decisions if you care about your mind and body. It comes with a 6-month premium membership with a Readiness plan. Daily activities are scored on this smartwatch which gives a clear overview of your health performance.


StyleDesigned for modern users
ColorGraphite and black
Screen SizeApproximately 1.04 inches
DisplayOLED display with double-tap to turn on and swiping for personalization
Screen ShapeRectangular
Recommended AgeAdults (Aged 18 and above)
Best Smartwatches for Fitness



Features in detail:

Daily Readiness:

  • Helps reach daily targets and meet new goals
  • Monitors sleep patterns and heart rate
  • Prevents loss of motivation with vibrations and prompts

Mindful Sessions:

  • Aids in practicing mindfulness
  • Beneficial for stress management, especially during tough days at the office
  • Accessible with one tap

Active Zone Minutes:

  • Earned through fat loss, cardio exercise, and reaching a heart rate peak
  • 2 active zone minutes for every minute of cardio exercise
  • Customizable settings for beginner or expert levels

Additional Health and Fitness Features:

  • Skin temperature tracking
  • Oxygen saturation monitoring (SpO2)
  • Stress management scores
  • Reminders for daily health and fitness routines

Fitbit Charge 5 Details:

  • One-year warranty
  • Stainless steel back
  • Accessories include a charging cable
  • Lithium batteries included in the smartwatch package


  • Water resistance is up to 50m
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • 24/7 heart rate and AZM tracking
  • ECG certified tracker
  • Conveniently tracks stress and has an EDA sensor
  • 6-month premium membership
  • Easy mobile payments


  • It does not play music
  • No physical buttons
  • No elevation tracking
  • It does not have hundreds of apps and clock faces
  • No enablement of Google Assistant


There are several excellent smartwatches available for fitness aficionados, but a few stand out above the rest. It depends on what features are most essential to you and whatever platform you choose, but you can’t go wrong with this list, These are some of the best smartwatches for fitness—all top-of-the-line alternatives that may help you remain on track with your fitness objectives, They will assist you in keeping track of your workouts, tracking your progress, and staying inspired.

Are smartwatches good for fitness?

Smartwatches can be a useful tool for tracking fitness and physical activity, as they offer features such as accelerometers, heart rate monitors, and GPS.

What is cheaper than Apple Watch?

There are many smartwatches that are cheaper than the Apple Watch, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit, Amazfit, and Xiaomi Miwatch.

Which smartwatch is as good as Apple?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Fitbit Versa are consider to be strong competitors to the Apple Watch in terms of features and performance.

Is Fitbit expensive?

Fitbit devices vary in price, with some models being less expensive and others being more expensive.

Does Fitbit do blood pressure?

No, Fitbit does not have the capability of measuring blood pressure.


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