Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine with the Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in 2023

Best Robotic vacuum cleaners have created some buzz over the last few years, Are they actually worth it? Are they practical enough as compared to what we have been hearing? Are their reviews the REAL ones or some hired reviewers have posted them over the internet to boost their sales? 

We are here with this post today to explore how effective robotic vacuum cleaners are, what types are there, and how you can make the most out of them. 

Benefits of Using Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 

Plenty of benefits, and PLENTY of them are present in owning robotic vacuum cleaners. We would tell you how: 

  1. Efficient and saves a lot of time: You do not have to invest two to three hours in sweeping and mopping the floor. You can just switch on the robotic vacuum, and punch in the functions you want it to perform while you can wash the dishes and dust some furniture around. A robot vacuum cleaner with a mop is much more efficient since it performs two functions at a time for keeping your living or working space clean and organized. 
  2. Cleans hard-to-reach surfaces: Cleaning tight and low spaces that you cannot reach with a broom otherwise are easily accessible by robotic vacuums. 
  3. Low maintenance: Only with regular cleaning and emptying of its trash bin, there is no other maintenance for the robotic vacuums. The manual efforts that are required for traditional vacuum cleaners are not needed for robotic cleaners. Smooth running is conveniently obtained with just one-time cleaning daily. 
  4. Intelligent programming: The robotic vacuums are programme in a way that they can detect different surfaces like wood or tiles and work accordingly. With such edge detection, cleaning multi-surfaces is one of a kind feature that you would love. 
  5. Controlling with the app: Customization with your full control is possible once you download the accompanying application. With strong sensors, the vacuum cleaner would then be able to detect obstacles and clean without the risk of damaging itself by hitting the walls. 

How Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work 

The robotic vacuum cleaners that were introduced in the market initially were extremely expensive and lacked some of the essential conveniences. The smart cleaners of today are more efficient in cleaning faster, automatically dumping the dust and coming back to their final stations. 

The plastic chassis of the robotic cleaners are manufactured such that they know where to look for dirt and dust. They have the ability to clean the surface as it was new.

 The robotic vacuum runs on lithium-ion batteries that give a run time of up to 120 minutes, which is two hours. It means that you can run some errands or wash some clothes while the robotic cleaner is doing its job. 

Depending on the type of robotic vacuum you would buy, one or two brushes keep the dirt rolling out of the room. The electric motors help create the suction to take the dust, dirt, and even pet hair into the machine. Suction has to be top-class not to keep a trace of dirt behind. Some brands have an auto-dumping feature but you would have to do some research before you make a final decision. 

Another beneficial feature is HEPA filtration which removes dust, pollens, and allergen from the air- something worth investing money in. People who have pets can rely on this gadget as they can waste each and every piece of their fur in the waste bin. Cleaning the carpets of every bit of pet hair has never been easier with robotic vacuum cleaners specially designed for pet hair. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

How cool would that be when you do not have to worry about mopping after the cleaning is done by the robotic vacuum? Even, do not worry that your feet would be wet on the damp mopped floor as some of the brands offer robotic vacuum cleaners that dry the floor as well!

Whether it is a robot vacuum cleaner with mop or a robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair, it must be difficult for you to choose when you would not know which features to look for while shopping for one. 

If you are in search of one of the best robot vacuums and mops, you should look for in-built functions like setting off-limits areas, areas that need cleaning every day, and support for memorizing floor plans with the number of rooms that are to be cleaned. In simple words, below are the features that you MUST hunt for:

  • Cleaning power and performance 
  • Battery life and charging time 
  • Noise level 
  • Size and design 
  • Price range

Maintenance and Care for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 

You need to be extra vigilant in cleaning and emptying the robot vacuum. The dustbin needs cleaning each day as it might choke the machine if you don’t. Cleaning the debris off the filters and removing the pet hair would not disturb its functioning which needs to be flawless if you want your home clean for your kids playing on the floor. 

After every five or ten cleaning sessions, the filters should be cleaned thoroughly. You can do it by removing it from the machine and tapping the dust gently in the kitchen dustbin, for instance. You can use a soft brush to remove some stubborn dust particles. 

Moreover, maintenance of anti-slip sensors is quite easy. The cliff sensors could be cleaned with a dry and clean cloth. Gently wipe off the sensors. A gentle dusting of the charging contacts is also great for the best performance all the way. Have a look at the charging contacts to check if they are working at their optimum levels. 


Robotic vacuum cleaners have transformed the way we clean our houses. They can navigate the pre-determined barriers within your home and can conveniently reach locations that are hardly accessed otherwise. They can even map out the structure of our living spaces because of their smart sensors, efficient algorithms, and strong motors. 

With the advancement of technology each day, we can expect better versions of robotic vacuum cleaners. Connection with smart home systems, voice commands, enhanced battery life, etc. could be included in some of the improved versions. Simple and effective home life is expected in future with less effort. 

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